With the ease of the lockdown in the country, it’s safe to say very soon things will be back to normal or our new normal which includes a life of constantly having to wear face masks, sanitizing and washing our hands almost every minute in the day, staying away from parties and visiting friends, youContinue reading “MY LOCKDOWN LESSONS.”


While in school, I was very intentional about developing myself, getting good grades, building my skills to ensure that I was ‘hot cake’ for employers. I attended a few workshops to build my skills, I attended seminars both voluntarily and involuntarily. Took a Human Resource Management professional course, so yeah, I’m a Certified H.R PersonnelContinue reading “21 AND UNEMPLOYED.”


HAPPY NEW MONTH GUYS!!! Welcome back to my blog awesome reader. If you are new here welcome on board, It’s great to have you here. I can’t believe it’s already the 6th month in this crazy year, WHAT!! *smh*. This year has been so unreal, and filled with so much stress and heartbreaking events. ItContinue reading “UP AND GRATEFUL”

FIRST POST,whoop,whoop!

Heyy lovely reader, you are new here,WELCOME!! This is my first post *yeah me* My name is OnyinyeChukwu, Onyinye for short(Let me not stress you guys). I’m 21 years old,a very skinny adult,lol!! .let me not bore you guys,for more about me check the about page. Life of a Nigerian Youth is an idea thatContinue reading “FIRST POST,whoop,whoop!”

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